Problem of the month this March is Bulk Waste and Flytipping

A special prize is available for collection from 1A Newton House for the lucky winner responsible for the above. Someone who has managed not only to flytip on our estate, increasing the charges to leaseholders and tenants, but also break the lift at the same time incurring further costs for repairs.


Few of our residents on Tarling West Estate seem to realise that if they dump bulk waste, large household items, furniture or packaging either outside their flat or on the street in front of the estate, even by the rubbish collection points, leaseholders are collectively charged for the removal of these items. Each item costs over £60 per removal, at the moment we have more than two collections a week and the annual cost is substantial. Moreover, if one person dumps then usually others follow, both residents and opportunistic local businesses regularly flytip items on our estate, both in front of the rubbish collection points and elsewhere.

This is senseless since each household has two free collections carried out by the council IF YOU CONTACT THEM BY CALLING THE STREETLINE TEAM ON 020 7364 5004  and many items such as functioning furniture or electronics are eligible to taken away for free: ‘Each household is now entitled to two free collections per year – with up to five items taken away per collection by the council’s Clean Team.’