The Tarling West Estate is located along the length of Cornwall Street between Cannon Street Road and Watney Street. The estate boundaries are bordered to the south by Cable Street (or Cablestrasse as some have called it in homage to the area’s irrepressible cultural diversity) and to the North by the DLR and C2C rail track. The estate is very close to Shadwell Overground and DLR stations. Nearby is Watney Market a famous East End institution running for over one hundred years and still going strong; St George in the East church designed by architect Nicholas Hawksmoor; the Cable Street Mural commemorating the struggle against fascism by the local community in the 1930s; St George’s Gardens a public park surrounding the church and St George’s Leisure Centre.  The historic relic of popular entertainment Wilton’s Music Hall, now restored as a bar and cultural centre, is less than a mile down the road also off Cable Street. These are just a few of the historic elements which make up our rich surroundings and make it a great place to live. From a more practical and play-oriented perspective the amazing Glamis Adventure Playground provides a unique facility for kids of all ages to play and socialise adventurously for free. The nearby Shadwell Basin, a former dock provides a watery playground for sailing, and canoeing. Though many swimmers enjoyed the basin this summer (2016) swimming in the basin is actually forbidden, though there are plans in the pipeline being led by the Turk’s Head Charity to make an official swimming pool in Shadwell Basin in the near future.



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